Price for Fishing

Fishing on the Grand Slam is usually a 8-9 hour day (4-5 Half-day). Longer and shorter fishing days are available upon request.
Miltary discounts are available.

***We have a 5 day cancellation deadline where you will not be charged if cancelling before 5 days of your reserved charter.

1. Private vs. Share boat

A private charter is always the preferred method of booking. If you do not have enough participants in your party and don't want to front the full cost to book a private charter then a "split trip" or shared charter may benefit you more.

A Shared charter allows you to get out on a boat witout having to pay the full cost that is required in order for the captain to take the boat out (the captain needs to make sure he covers all operating costs).

For example the price for a captain to take the boat out fishing and still be profitable is $800, if you and your wife want to go out and pay the full $800 then you will have your own private experience. One scenario could be explained as two or three couples who are friends and decide to all pitch in for the price of booking a private trip, so the $800 price is split three ways and they all go out as friends.

A shared trip might be for you if you are not willing to pay the full $800 but wouldn't mind splitting that cost with other strangers out there that want to do the same as you. Call Captain Mark and he will be able to let you know if any shared tours are available and at what dates.

Some good things about doing a shared tour are... - Pick up a quick fishing trip while on vacation or do something fun at the last minute! - Meet new people and making new friends who are also joining in on a shared trip - Split costs between parties saves you some money

Some things that may not be so desirable about sharing a boat are.. - Everyone's schedule may be a little different so flexibility may be necessary. - Because you may be going with strangers you never know how comfortable you may be around each other.


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