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Ahi (Yellow Fin Tuna)

The yellow fin tuna or Ahi as it is called in Hawaiian, is a favorite among locals in Hawaii. Although prepared in many ways, eating it raw as "poke" or sashimi is among the more popular ways of consuming this fish. The big eye tuna is also called Ahi in Hawaiian, but a key feature to use in telling the two apart at sea is the length of the yellow fin's pectoral fin. This fish is usually the prime target for sport fishermen year round in warm Hawaiian waters, but the best time to catch them is in the spring and summer. They can be caught with live bait and trolling lures. These fish were made to put up a good fight, so anglers, be prepared. Although their diet consists of jellyfish and crustaceans, they feed on whatever fish is available to them.

The yellow fin is one of the larger tuna varieties. It gets its name because of all of its yellow fins-- the anal and second dorsal fins, the finlets between the anal and second fins, and its tail are all a bright beautiful yellow color. Spawning takes place monthly, and they're a pretty rapid growing fish.

By the time they reach about 18 months old, they're just over 7 pounds. When they reach about 4 years old, they've already grown up to 150 pounds. The larger ones are at least 10 years old. The larger the fish, the greater the prize! Sometimes weighing up to 400 pounds, it has received the nickname of cow tuna (an exaggeration, of course). Because it gets so large, it is a sought-after fish in sport fishing. The yellow fin travel in schools and often with other species of fish. They might be found among whales, whale sharks, dolphins, porpoises and skipjack tuna. They mainly dwell near the surface and are known to dive around 300 feet.
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