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Blue Marlin

The Pacific Blue Marlin, also known as Kajiki or A'u in Hawaiian, is a prize in game fishing. Blues are definitely strong and fierce and will not go down without a real fight, sometimes lasting 2 or more hours before they are captured.  A natural predator, blues have the ability to change their color to match the ocean, which masks them from their prey, giving them the advantage. Another advantage of this bill fish is that it swims fast, reaching speeds of about 50 mph.  The blue diet mainly consists of yellow fin tuna, squid, octopus, mackerel, and other deep sea fish. Although the Pacific Blue Marlin is at the top of the food chain, it isn't without its own predators including great whites and the shortfin mako.

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A beautiful specimen, these bill fish are a deep cobalt blue color on top with a silvery bottom.  They have varied markings, and can sometimes have stripes or spots. It's elongated upper jaw is spear-like, and is its most recognizable feature.  Both the pectoral and anal fins are pointed, and the dorsal fin is also pointed at the front end.  Embedded hexagonal scales cover its entire body, ending in 1 or 2 sharp points.

captain mark looking for fish, and catching fish.
The largest Pacific Blue Marlin caught on record in Hawaii weighed 1805 pounds on the Correne C back in 1971. Ranging from 100 to well over 2000 pounds, it can reach upwards of 14 feet easily and are the largest of all bill fish. The males usually max out at 300 pounds, but the females are the real prize, weighing 3 to 4 more times as much as the males.  The reason for this is because the females produce 30 million to 100 million eggs per year, which expends much of their energy, thus resulting in their grand size. However, catching a blue of any size is a highly sought after prize. Because blues are highly migratory, you can plan on catching them in Hawaiian waters from June through October.  The Grand Slam has boated these Marlins many times, and we also give the angler the option to tag and release.
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